What are Diamonds and how can I get them?

Diamonds are one of the main currencies in the game. You can get Diamonds from various places in the game.

  • Purchase Diamonds in the Shop
  • Daily rewards
  • Increasing your Warlord Level
  • Total Trophies collected at the end of PvP Seasons is exchanged for Diamonds at a ratio of 50:1
  • Placement in various divisions during a PvP Season
  • Special Offers

Diamonds are used for:

  • summoning Smuggler and Imperial Ships in Dewport Harbor,
  • instantly recovering regiments,
  • instantly explore a new Province on the map,
  • substituting missing Gold for purchases,
  • buying offers (Shards, Forge materials,...) at the Merchant,
  • exchanging PvP opponents,
  • refreshing Stronghold battles, 
  • refreshing Merchant, Nordvig Merchant and War Harbor offers,
  • refilling Energy at the Tavern,
  • refreshing Alliance quests,
  • editing Alliance settings.

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