What is Gold and how can I get it?

Gold is one of the main currencies in the game. Gold can be obtained from various places in the game.

  • Winning battles (PvE battles, Raiding Brigands (Loot Wagon battles), Strongholds, Boss Battles, Brigand Island invasions)
  • Selling upgrades
  • Daily rewards
  • Sky Arch expeditions
  • Smuggler Ship & Imperial Ship
  • Exchange Diamonds for Gold at the Merchant
  • Exchange War Coins for Gold at War Harbor
  • Total Trophies collected at end of PvP Seasons is exchanged for Gold at a ratio of 1:1
  • Placement in various divisions during a PvP Season
  • Crushing Victories earn you additional Gold on top of the base rewards
  • 20% extra Gold reward from battles after having applied the Quartermaster upgrade once
  • Buy Gold with Diamonds in the Shop

Gold is used for:

  • summoning Merchant Ships in Dewport Harbor,
  • upgrading items in the Forge,
  • applying Upgrades to your regiments,
  • exploring new provinces, and
  • purchases (e.g. upgrades or potions) at the Merchant.

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