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What are Forge Points and how do I get them?

Forge Points

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Forge PointsSmall fp.png:

Forge Points are your opportunity to move your empire forward. You need them to explore new technologies and to trade your goods, as well as for leveling up Great Buildings. Every hour you get another Forge Point, which you can also buy using coins or Diamonds. If you have accumulated 10 Forge Points, however, you will stop receiving them – so you should make sure to log in regularly to play and invest your Forge Points, to make sure that you do not lose any.

Forge Points Bar

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Forge Points Bar:

You accrue 1 forge point per hour to a total of 10. You can buy more forge points by clicking on the small plus sign on the bar. Forge points are used to open all your technologies, donating to great buildings, and paying for trades.

How do I get Forge Points?

Forge Points are generated each hour in your Forge Point bar, until you have reached 10. Then you need to use them in order to generate more of them. You can also obtain Forge Points from special buildings or as rewards.

You can get Forge Points and Special Buildings through the following game features:
A list of special buildings can be found in our wiki: Special Building List

Another way to obtain are Great Buildings. These buildings do not only need Forge Points to reach higher levels, but some of them also grant Forge Points on a daily basis. In our Great Building List you can find all the Great Buildings which are also producing Forge Points: Great Building List

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