Consumable Items

Consumable Items


How do One Up Kits work and how can I get them?

They're different items in the game, which allow you to upgrade event buildings to the next age(s).
What you need to be aware off:
  •  All those items are consumables - therefore you need one item per building
  • All those items can never raise the age of the buildings above your current age
  • Only Multi-Age buildings can be upgraded (no buildings with fixed ages e.g. Goods- or Supply buildings or all age buildings e.g. Rogue Hideouts)
  • Those items can be gathered during Events, Daily Challenges or Guild Expeditions
One Up Kit

The One Up Kit upgrades one event building to the next building age and not to the player age.
Example: Your current age is the Colonial Age and you want to upgrade a building from the Iron Age. It will be set to the Early Middle Age with the One Up Kit.

How can I use the different Upgrade Kits?
All different types of Upgrade Kits are used the same:
1. Open your inventory and search for the wanted Upgrade Kit. The click on the 'Use'-Button:

2. All buildings, which can be upgraded by the selected item are marked with a star in your city.

3. Click on the building you want to upgrade to the next age and confirm the process.

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