Consumable Items

Consumable Items


How do Renovation Kits work and how can I get them?

They're different items in the game, which allow you to upgrade event buildings to the next age(s).
What you need to be aware off:
  •  All those items are consumables - therefore you need one item per building
  • All those items can never raise the age of the buildings above your current age
  • Only Multi-Age buildings can be upgraded (no buildings with fixed ages e.g. Goods- or Supply buildings or all age buildings e.g. Rogue Hideouts)
  • Those items can be gathered during Events, Daily Challenges or Guild Expeditions
Renovation Kit

The Renovation Kit upgrades one event building to your current age - even if the building is multiple ages underneath your current age.
Example: Your current age is the Colonial Age and you want to upgrade a building from the Iron Age. It will be set to the Colonial Age with the Renovation Kit.

How can I use the different Upgrade Kits?
All different types of Upgrade Kits are used the same:
1. Open your inventory and search for the wanted Upgrade Kit. The click on the 'Use'-Button:

2. All buildings, which can be upgraded by the selected item are marked with a star in your city.

3. Click on the building you want to upgrade to the next age and confirm the process.

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