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Medals: What are Medals and how can I get enough?

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Only the most successful rulers manage to obtain coveted medals. If you are successful in battle against other players in PvP tournaments, you will get medals as a reward for your rank. You can also receive medals through participating in leveling up Great Buildings. If you are lucky you might find some from Incidents around your city. In the expeditions you also have a chance to win them from the chest after a battle. And lastly from the special buildings you might haven gotten through your gameplay.

Medals can be used to:

  • Buy additional expansions for your city.
  • To siege and place defensive armies on the All Ages map in Guild versus Guild.
  • Buy extra turns in Guild expeditions
  • Pay sailors in the Arctic Harbor and the Oceanic Terminal.
  • As a necessary ressource to produce Mars age goods in your Space Age - Asteroid Belt cities.

How can I obtain Medails?
You can get Medals as rewards by playing different game features in Forge of Empires:
  • You can win Medals in the weekly PvP-Tournaments.
  • You can win Medals during events.
  • You can collect Medails from Great Buildings like the Colosseum or special buildings like the Victory Tower.
  • You can get Medails as contribution rewards for donating Forge Points to another players Great Building.
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