Consumable Items

Consumable Items


What are Fragments?

Fragments are pieces of rare rewards like the Wishing Well. You need to collect different amounts of Fragments of a certain reward.
If you collected enough, than you can get the actual reward.

How do Fragments work?
All Fragment rewards are marked with a blue puzzle piece. If you collected a Fragment, it will show up in your inventory, where you can also look up, how many Fragments are needed for the reward:

If enough Fragments of a certain reward are collected, you can assemble them in your inventory:

The assembled reward will be placed in your inventory.

List of Fragments
Fragment Assembled Building
Fragment of Wishing Well
15 Fragments needed to assemble Wishing Well

Fragment of Wishing Well Shrink Kit

15 Fragments needed to assemble Wishing Well Shrink Kit

Fragment of Shrine of Knowledge

15 Fragments needed to assemble Shrine of Knowledge

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