Tribe skills

This feature will allow your Tribe to donate resources and/or Crowns towards the overall experience level of your Tribe. Once your Tribe has gained enough experience points to level up, you will receive a skill point which you can use in your skill tree. The skills your leader chooses to invest in will help the entire Tribe!

You can find the tribe skills in your tribe window, the tab furthest to the right:

The number in the upper left corner show the level of your tribe. At the right side you can see the number of skill points your tribe leader still can spend. Between them is the progress bar, which indicates when the next level will be reached. You will also see a donate button next to the progress bar.

Below the progress bar you can see all of the skills your tribe can invest in. If you click at one of the skill icons you will get additional information about the skill.

Getting Experience

First of all you have to gain experience for your tribe. You can do this either by donating resources or crowns to your tribe.

When one of your Tribe members donates their resources, wood, clay or iron, they will be giving 100 for every 1 experience point gained. Players will be able to give their excess resources they gain from farming and barbarians towards the growth of their Tribe. Players can also donate Crowns, for an even bigger bonus towards the experience points of the Tribe.

Once the Tribe members have donated enough to take the Tribe to the next Tribe Level they will receive a skill point. Skill points are used in Tiers, and each Tier has a few choices for the Leader, or trusted member who has been granted corresponding rights, to put points into. These skills give an immediate bonus to the entire Tribe and all of the villages, units and buildings associated with them. If the Tribe progresses in levels and the Leader wants to redistribute the skill points, he can at a penalty of losing the last level’s amount of experience. When choosing to redistribute points the Leader will have a dialogue box asking if they are sure they wish to continue, as well as a save screen once they have allocated their points. This ensures that the Leader cannot accidentally redistribute points.

To simplify donating for bigger accounts there is a mass donation, too:

From here you can choose a percentage of your resources, which you want to donate in general, and you can modify the percentage for each single village.

Getting Honor Points

When you donate to your tribe, you get honor points as a reward. For each 1000 experience points you have provided towards your tribe you will get 1 honor point. At the bottom of the tribe skills window, you find the button that leads you to the honor point ranking:

From there you can see exactly how much every tribe member has donated this week and even last week.

Getting Skill Points

When your tribe has collected enough experience, the tribe will reach another level. Each level gives one skill point that can be spent in the skill tree. You can see your tribe’s current level at the bottom on the main menu:

In the following table you will be able to see how many experience points you need for each level of the tribe skills:

Level Experience points per Level Sum of experience points
1 -> 2 100 100
2 -> 3 1.132 1.232
3 -> 4 4.677 5.909
4 -> 5 12.800 18.709
5 -> 6 27.951 46.660
6 -> 7 52.909 99.569
7 -> 8 90.750 190.319
8 -> 9 144.816 335.135
9 -> 10 218.700 553.835
10 -> 11 316.228 870.063
11 -> 12 441.443 1.311.506
12 -> 13 598.597 1.910.103
13 -> 14 792.140 2.702.243
14 -> 15 1.026.711 3.728.954
15 -> 16 1.307.132 5.036.086
16 -> 17 1.638.400 6.674.486
17 -> 18 2.025.682 8.700.168
18 -> 19 2.474.309 11.174.477
19 -> 20 2.989.769 14.164.246
20 -> 21 3.577.709 17.741.955
21 -> 22 4.243.924 21.985.879
22 -> 23 4.994.355 26.980.234
23 -> 24 5.835.089 32.815.323
24 -> 25 6.772.350 39.587.673
25 -> 26 7.812.500 47.400.173
26 -> 27 8.962.037 56.362.210
27 -> 28 10.227.587 66.589.797
28 -> 29 11.615.907 78.205.704
29 -> 30 13.133.879 91.339.583
30 -> 31 14.788.510 106.128.093
31 -> 32 16.586.927 122.715.020
32 -> 33 18.536.381 141.251.401
33 -> 34 20.644.235 161.895.636
34 -> 35 22.917.974 184.813.610
35 -> 36 25.365.193 210.178.803
36 -> 37 27.993.600 238.172.403
37 -> 38 30.811.018 268.983.421
38 -> 39 33.825.373 302.808.794
39 -> 40 37.044.704 339.853.498
40 -> 41 40.477.155 380.330.653
41 -> 42 44.130.973 424.461.626
42 -> 43 48.014.512 472.476.138
43 -> 44 52.136.227 524.612.365
44 -> 45 56.504.674 581.117.039
45 -> 46 61.128.509 642.245.548
46 -> 47 66.016.488 708.262.036
47 -> 48 71.177.463 779.439.499
48 -> 49 76.620.386 856.059.885
49 -> 50 82.354.300 938.414.185
50 -> 51 88.388.348 1.026.802.533
51 -> 52 94.731.763 1.121.534.296
52 -> 53 101.393.871 1.222.928.167
53 -> 54 108.384.092 1.331.312.259
54 -> 55 115.711.936 1.447.024.195
55 -> 56 123.387.003 1.570.411.198
56 -> 57 131.418.981 1.701.830.179
57 -> 58 139.817.649 1.841.647.828
58 -> 59 148.592.873 1.990.240.701
59 -> 60 157.754.604 2.147.995.305
60 -> 61 167.312.881 2.315.308.186
61 -> 62 177.277.829 2.492.586.015
62 -> 63 187.659.655 2.680.245.670

Skill Tree

The tribe founder and tribe members with the right "Administrate Skills" can spend the skill points of your tribe. However, they have to do it wisely – redistributing skill points is very expensive!

The skill points can be used in the skill tree. This skill tree has three tiers, the higher tiers are unlocked when a tribe already has spent 20 or 40 skill points in the lower tiers.

If you and your tribe are no longer happy with your tribe skills, the tribe leader or a tribe member with the appropriate rights can redistribute them.

Be aware that each redistribution costs you the skill point you got as last one!

Therefore, the first thing you will need to do when you click the "redistribute skills" button is to confirm that you know what you are doing and understand what this will cost the tribe. After this, you will see the skill tree, without any spent skill points and all your skill points ready to be used again, minus the one which you lost during redistribution. When you have finished redistributing your skill points you simply click the save button. Only then, the skill point is lost and the new distribution of your tribe’s skill points will be saved.

The Tribe Skills

You can find the different skills and their effects in the following table:

Tribe Skills
Tier 1
Tribe members get additional beds in their hospitals. 10 100 additional beds per level
Wagons Tribe members can carry more loot on successful attack. Also the rewards for resource deposit will be increased. 10 5% per level
Strength in Numbers Increases the member limit of the tribe 10 Starting member limit is 20. Additional members per level: +5, +5, +10, +10, +15, +15, +20, +20, +40, +40
On max level: 200 Members
Raiding Paths Walking speed when attacking barbarian villages is increased for all tribe members. Also duration for resource deposit jobs will be reduced. 10 10% per level for the speed
- 5% per level for the resource deposit
Tier 2
Weapon Mastery Tribe members get a bonus on their combat strength in attacks. 5 2% per level
Internal Agent Tribe members get a better defense against enemy spies. Even if there's no spy available in village. 5 4% per level
Iron Wall The walls of all tribe members cannot be demolished below the given level. Walls below that level still have to be upgraded. 5 1 wall level per skill level
Intense Training Increases the recruit speed for all units in the barracks. 5 4% per level

Tier 3
Medicus After an attack some lost units are rescued by the medic. Doesn't affect defending. 1 Up to 10% are rescued
Unity Tribe members can send support commands faster to villages of other tribe members. 1 100% faster support commands

Tier 1


When your tribe founder decides to invest in this skill, you will get more beds in your hospital:

These additional beds will be added to the beds from the current level of your hospital. When the skill is at level 10, you have 1000 additional beds.


The loot bonus helps you when you are farming to raid resources from barbarian and enemy´s villages. The additional loot capacity is shown in the attack window.

An additional line in the reports informs you about the loot bonus:

This bonus not only helps you while farming – it also gives you a bonus in the resource deposit:

Strength in Numbers

You think 20 members in your tribe are not enough and with more members your tribe would be much stronger? Then this skill is the solution for your problem. If your tribe uses this skill, you can see the higher member limit highlighted at your tribe page.

If you have more than 20 members and redistribute your skill points you have to first level this skill up until the limit is higher than your current number of tribe members. Only then, can you choose different tribe skills for your remaining skill points.

Raiding Paths

This skill helps all tribe member to accelerate their farming units when they are attacking barbarian villages. The attack window shows the acceleration:

This skill stacks with the Master of Loot. If the tribe have reached level 10 and a player uses the Master of Loot the units walk with four times the speed compared to a player without any bonus.

This bonus has an effect on the Resource Deposit as well. With each level of this skill the time for the errands is reduced by 5%.

Tier 2

Weapon Mastery

You can use this skill to attack more efficiently: your units gain an additional bonus when they attack, their combat strength grows with 2% for each level.

In the attack window and in presets an icon shows that this tribe skill is active:

You can see the same icon in reports, with an extra line explaining the bonus. You can see the bonus in the tooltip of the attack modifier as well. In this example the bonus increases the attacker modifier from 110% to 120%:

Internal Agent

This skill helps all tribe members to protect their villages against spy attacks.

Additionally, you do not need to have a spy in your village; this bonus will help protect your village regardless.

Iron Wall

A tribe member is under attack and you are struggling hard to defend the village? Higher walls can help you!

Each level gives you one level of the wall, which will not be able to be demolished. At the maximum level, you can be sure that you always keep a wall at level 5.

Intense Training

Units are very important but take some time for recruiting. This skill will help you and your tribe members to get your units faster.

Tier 3


This skill is very helpful for offensive playing tribes. When a tribe member attacks another player and loses units, 10% of those units will be rescued and return home, ready for the next attack.

This bonus stacks with the officer “Medic”, so if used together 20% of the killed units can be revived.


If your supporting units are in a hurry, this tribe skill is very helpful. The skill doubles the speed of all units when they are on their way to support one of your tribe mates.

If you have this bonus active, the “send units” window shows two times – one for attacks, one for support:

Additionally, the support button will be highlighted in green.

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