Victory Points

Tribal Wars 2 presents its new end game scenario: Victory Points! So far, the end game scenario was the easiest of all however, we are now moving to a new and more accurate function. With this new scenario, the winner will be the one tribe with the most Victory Points.

What are Victory Points?

Victory Points are a new function that leads to a clearer world-end scenario.

How can I get Victory Points?

You get one Victory Point for every Province you own at least one village. It doesn’t matter if you own only one village in a Province or you own all villages in the same Province. You still get one Victory Point for every case.

How does my Tribe benefit from my Victory Points?

The Victory Points you own, are added to your Tribe’s Victory Points. The Tribe with the most Victory Points is declared the winner. Please take in mind that each server has different limit for Victory Points.

Do I lose Victory Points?

You only lose Victory Points, if you lose a village in a province where you only have one village in. If you own more than one village in the province then you lose nothing.

What happens to my Victory Points if I move to a new Tribe?

Your Victory Points “follow” you. That means that they’ll follow you to your new Tribe. They’ll be deducted from the overall Victory Points of your last Tribe, and then be added to the overall Victory Points of your new Tribe.

What happens if they kick me out of my Tribe?

You won’t lose your Victory Points. On the other hand, your old Tribe will miss your Victory Points, since they’ll be deducted from their overall Victory Points.

Are there any restrictions or penalties if I change Tribes often?

No, not at all. You can change Tribes as often as you want and your Victory Points won’t be affected.

Can I buy/transfer/sell Victory Points?

No, you can’t under any circumstances. Victory Points belong to a player’s account on a specific world. They can’t be bought with Crowns and/or real money, they can’t be transferred and they can’t be sold to other accounts. They can only be earned within the game mechanics and they “follow” the account until world ends.

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