Coop Gameplay

Coop system

If you're going to be away and need someone to watch over your account, or if you want to play together with friends or family on one account, you can utilize the coop system. You don't need to share your account data, just invite another player to your account.

Coop settings

To do this, open the settings window from the main menu, then select the "Cooperative" tab. From there you will see the basic overview of your current Coop status.

Adding a Coop partner

To add a player as your Coop partner press the invite button. When inviting a player you will get a list of the members of your tribe.


The next time the invited player visits the login screen, the invitation is displayed and can be accepted. If you already accepted an invitation the login screen will show your Coop partner as a login option.

You should be very careful with this feature and make sure that the person you invite to your account is someone you trust. Since they have nearly full access to your account there is a high potential for them to do a lot of damage. You can cancel Coop partners at any time.

You and your Coop partners can play simultaneously on the account, even with different devices.

Coop is oneway, which means that if your tribe mate invites you as a coop partner on his account and you accept the invitation, you have will have access to that account but he does not have access to your account. Of course you can invite this tribe mate as coop partner on your account as well.

You will always spend your own Crowns, even when playing a Coop partner's account.

Rules and restrictions

There are some rules and restrictions for playing coop though:
  • A maximum of 2 coop players is allowed to play together on one account (one primary user and up to two co-op players)
  • A player can have a maximum of 9 coop accounts, where the player is the coop
  • Your coop partner must be in the same tribe as you are.
  • If you leave your tribe, all coop partners are removed from your account
  • After removing a coop partner both slots are blocked for 7 days. During this period you cannot invite another player to these slots, even if there's a free spot.
  • A coop partner cannot mint coins. But he can recruit nobles.
  • If the account owner gets banned, all coop partners are removed from his account
  • Account partners have no access to your crowns. But they can use whatever is in the account's inventory and spend their own crowns.
  • Coop partners will not have the ability to delete reports, delete messages, create forum posts or threads, edit tribe forums or threads or delete tribe forums or threads.

Create coop teams within your tribe and use the same army presets and group icons so that players feel at home when playing on another account.

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